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How Much does it cost to remove a Load bearing Wall in Calgary?

December 20, 2022by RENEWvation

What will it cost to remove a load-bearing wall in Calgary?

Cost of Load bearing wall removal

Just to suggest there is a cost to remove a load-bearing wall, is like saying there is only 1 cost to renovate a house, or 1 cost to buy a car, Cleary it varies.  On the simple side one could expect it to cost anywhere between $4000 to $15,000 just for that part of the reno, but there are so many other costs associated and we will discuss those below, but first.  RenewVation provides a 1 stop solution to your renovation that includes removing bearing walls.  Contact us here.

Why Remove a Load Bearing Wall.

SImply put, you remove it because you don’t like what that wall currently does to the space.   Trends change and spaces change both with time and use.  So simply if you wish to change how the space looks, functions and it’s openness then this is why a load bearing wall would be removed.

In Calgary people typically remove a bearing wall for reasons such as:

  • Open up a space. Open floor plans are beautiful and rich feeling.
  • Change the flow of a space.  This is especially true in areas like the living room and kitchen separating walls.
  • Increase the value of your Calgary Home.  Experts agree one of the simplest methods of increasing the value of your home fast is improving the floor plan.
  • Increase your home’s appeal to both of prospective buyers and people living there too.

What Factors Influence the Final Cost of Removing a Load Bearing Wall?

Factors that both add to and influence the cost of such a renovation include the following.

Hiring a Professional Experienced Contractor in Calgary.

The structure is not a DIY Youtube learning.  Houses have collapsed, and the work is critical to your very home.  Try explaining to the insurance company why your roof collapsed because you got bad internet advice.

A professional should at a minimum have the following.

  • Licensed business in Calgary.
  • Able to pull permits in the company name- NOT A HOME OWNERS PERMIT.
  • Insured for a minimum of 2 million.

Because bearing walls are carrying the weight of the house, having it done right is important to everyone involved.  There will be extensive inspections both by the engineer of the work and also by the city.  Obtaining a permit, and having it closed at the end is essential.

Load Bearing Wall Removal Beam
Load Bearing Wall Removal Beam


Mold and or Asbestos Testing and Remediation.
Asbestos Containment and testing
Prior to Permits, Testing and Remediation of Asbestos may be required before work on Load Bearing Wall removal begins.

Even before Permits can be pulled an at risk house requires testing of items like the flooring, drywall, drywall mud to ensure that there is no asbestos.  If there is asbestos then it must be remediated PRIOR to permit application.

Asbestos is at risk in any home built prior to the 1990’s and the older they get the higher the risk.

It can be found in

Existing Flooring:
  • Floor Tiles  (VCT) and Cutback.  These tiles are typically in the 8″x8″ size and have a black adhesive.
  • Older Sheet Linoleum
Walls & Ceiling:
  • Suspended Ceiling Tiles
  • Acoustical or decorative ceiling finishes like popcorn or stipple
  • Drywall mud, is typically found at the seams and corners of the drywall.
  • Stucco
  • Plumbing Insulation
  • Electrical Insulation
  • HVAC Insulation
  • Wall and Ceiling insulation.

Depending on scope obviously, this can run on average $2500-5000.

  Building Permit, Electrical Permits HVAC and Plumbing Permits

What is hidden in that wall?  Drywall can hide all sorts of things.  It is easy to see the electrical that will require moving, but often these walls are located within the center of the house and carry plumbing and electrical as well.  If you are wondering how much does it cost to remove a load-bearing wall you need to account for permits and many other costs.

To obtain an Electrical Permit you are required to be a licensed Calgary Contractor, and a Master Electrician in order to pull the permit, then the city will inspect very thoroughly upon both rough-in and completion.

Plumbing again, requires you to be a licensed and insured business and again the city must inspect the work prior to close up and upon completion per their directives.

Building Permit.  This required a licensed, police-cleared company like RenewVation Home Transformations to pull the permit, and is there for the framing inspections.  To pull this permit the builder must submit detailed blueprints and a description of the work to be completed and engineering plans and materials to be followed precisely.

This typically costs and an average of around $1500.

Load-Bearing Wall Removal Before and After
Before and After of Load Bearing Wall Removal
Hiring the Engineer, and having Engineering plans.

Hiring a good engineer makes all the difference in the world.  Because RenewVation works repeatedly with engineers we’ve encountered terrible ones and great ones.  A terrible engineer can delay a project terribly, we’ve even had customers pic engineers that make it impossible to do the work.  RenewVation handles every aspect including bringing in an engineer.  First the initial consult as to what can be done in the house, next a detailed plan is created often within a day or two, and then finally to certify the work after completion, and also to certify any changes that had to be made to the original plan due to site conditions- Plan often has to change due to on-site conditions not discovered until work begins, it is the contractor’s job to ensure it is done in a compatible way to the original plan, and have the engineer certify or replan any changes. Engineering is a required item in the cost to remove load bearing wall in Alberta.

The full work done by our Engineer Typically costs an average of $1000-$1500.

this is a structural beam under the post of another beam to allow wall removal.this is a structural beam under the post of another beam to allow wall
Drop Beam or Flush Beam

whether the structural beam and framing is hidden and flush with the existing framing or set down below the exsting framing affects how much labour is required, and to a much smaller extent the materials required.

Load Bearing Beam in Place
This is a Drop Beam in Place on a new post.


Items needing demo’ed as a part of removing the load bearing wall.

Things flooring, drywall, ceilings, ceiling insulation, joists ceiling support, outside cement and siding all can be effected.  Often a beam has to come into the house through the exterior wall or exterior cement walls.  This all adds cost.

Load Bearing Wall Removal Calgary
Beam coming in from the exterior under the existing flooring.
Items needing repaired an Rebuilt.

Items such as adding back flooring where the wall used to be, drywall, electrical work, painting, or even the remaining of the renovation like installing the full kitchen is all going to affect the cost.


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