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Calgary Tub to Walk In Shower Conversion and Tile installation

June 6, 2022by RENEWvation

 Should I convert my Tub into a walk-in Shower?

This conversion is very popular here in Calgary, and across Alberta right now.  It dramatically increases the beauty of the Master Ensuite or any other bathroom, and more importantly, it changes the space to be functional for how most people use their bathrooms.  It is a wonderful Renovation that really changes the space and its functionality but there is an important item or two to consider.

  1. Calgary appears to like at least 1 bathtub in the home
  2. This is a fairly expensive per square foot Renovation (as are all bathroom Renos)

Here in YYC real estate still appears to appreciate at least one tub in the space.    In fact, it is probably a feeling everywhere, as a Houzz poll recently had 58% of people state they would never buy a home without at least one bathtub.

It is expensive per square foot.  It usually includes demolition, garbage removal, plumbing, waterproofing, subfloor work, and a large amount of skilled tile work from the base of the shower, to the curb, walls, and even special items like niches and Bench seats.

Shower Conversion: let’s talk Tiled base or acrylic shower pan.

An Acrylic shower pan decreases the cost of the pan in general, still looks good, and provides the full walk-in shower experience, but doesn’t have the same impact visually.  The pan still requires some plumbing, and leveling, and is ideally cemented in place for a true non-bending flexing base.

A full Tile Installation base does require more time and expense.  Typically RenewVation Home Renovations in Calgary use Schluter’s system for pan and full shower as it is a great system that works really more.

Schluters Shower System
Tile Shower system and tub conversion system

As you se in teh Tile waterproofing system above, it is quite intricate and ideally the tile and the grout are not expected to do any of the waterproofing, thus ensuring a very very long lasting renovation, that combined with right mud, and grout should last a life time.

Tile Niche, Benches and Patterns

Obviously the more intricate the shower gets, the more expensive it gets.   A tile Niche adds a beautiful spot to place, shampoos and soap and other at hand items within your tiled shower.

Custom Tile Niche
A Calgary area walk-In Shower showing a custom Nice
Corner Tiled Bench in YYC
Small Kerdi styled bench in corner of small shower may be ideal for your tub conversion.

A bench is something RenewVations always suggest. It is the ideal place to lift a leg to shave, holds shampoo and an assortment of items but perhaps more importantly if ever there is a sickness or aged person in the home, or even planing to age in place then a shower, combined with a hand-held shower permits one to shower from the seated position.

There are narrow full-sized benches that are ideal, but the corner bench provides the minimum required and is ideal for tighter shower conditions.

Tile Installation and waterproofing

Renewvation offers many different types of Waterproofing and tile installation options.

Waterproofing we are skilled with:

  1. Kerdi
  2. Schluter
  3. Reguard
  4. Fiberglass matt
  5. Acrylic Surrounds

And Tile installation Options we can provide install of all types of stone, stacked stone, glass-ceramic and porcelain on the following:

  • Basement Floors,
  • Kitchen Tiled floors
  • Kitchen Backsplash Tiling and OTR Microwave installation and venting
  • Tiled baseboards or traditional wood baseboard and trim installation
  • Tiled or stacked fireplaces
  • Drywalling all the above prior to work
  • Tub Surrounds
  • A Tile border around a acrylic surround
  • Acrylic  surround  installation and pan

No matter what is required for your bathroom renovation, if you are in or around Calgary RenewVation can Help you with quality contracting.

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