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Calgary Baseboard, Trim, Door, and Casing Installer

June 1, 2022by RENEWvation
Calgary Baseboard And Trim Installatioon
Basement receiving new doors, trim, baseboards, and casing.

What Is Baseboard, Trim and Casing?

Baseboard is the trim piece that defines where the floor ends and the wall begins, though truly a transition.  It protects your walls from the damage of vacuum and mops and hides the ugly transition and gaps between the two.  It affords a wonderful opportunity to finish your Calgary renovation beautifully.

The baseboard is thinner than door trim,  called casing, although they are usually related in look the baseboard tends to be wider as well.

As Baseboards, and Casing, is the final finishing touches of a reno, the quality of installation and finishing work is critical.

Casing as stated above is typically a related look to the baseboard, and is thicker to allow the baseboard to butt into it without showing un-finished edges of the trim.  It is also typically not as wide.  This casing is installed around windows, and doors to finish the look, and hide the gaps that exist between door installation (the jamb) and the wall.

Additional Trim, of logical choice for the situation is used to cap the stairs, and block in obstructions like electrical boxes.  Here a finishing carpenter in Calgary with experience can really pull the project together.

Flat stock trim and baseboard installation is the most popular right now but many still opt in for profiles..

What is the Cost to Install Baseboard and Casing and Hang Doors

This is obviously very variable, and also location-based, but here in Calgary, there is a range you can expect to pay for door hanging and trim installation.

Whether this is a new house, or a new basement development, or a Reno will affect the price, and so does the quality of basement framing and drywall work.  One can expect a range for supply and install of a baseboard.

Expect to pay between $4-$8 a Linear Foot (LF) for supply and installation.

Painting and Caulking the trim is a skilled task and is time-consuming usually in the range of $2-$3 per LF of Baseboard or Casing.

Door hanging is obviously again a very difficult item to the group, but a typical Pre-Machined door to be assembled and Hung is typically in the $300 for Supply and Install.

Door Painting is typically in the $200 dollar range.

Contact us to get a Real Estimate on Your work.

RenewVation is one of Calgary’s Best Baseboard and Casing Installation and Door Hanging companies.

We would love to work with you to hang or replace your doors, baseboards, and door and window casing.  If you’ve had a floor renovation, or simply freshening your space up by updating your trim we would love to chat.

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