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Calgary Tile Installers for Bathroom Renovations

June 1, 2022by RENEWvation

The Complete Guide to Tile Installers In Calgary And How They Help with Bathroom Renovations

Introduction: What is a Tile Installer and What Services are they Usually In Charge of?

A Tile Installer in Calgary is a critical aspect of any successful Kitchen or Bathroom Renovation.  They are in charge of every aspect of the tile installation.  The tile installer must consider the tile substrate and consider it’s the degree of level that can work with the tiles supplied, they need to determine whether waterproofing is required like around a bath tub surround Installation or a shower installation, but the Tile installer also needs to consider crack prevention, and even the amount of flex within the floor its self.  The Calgary Installer then needs to work esthetically and design a pattern and plan for the tile and why type of and color of grout is best.

A Great Tile Installer, should be able to make a tile floor, backsplash, custom walk-in shower, bathtub to shower conversion, or a tub surround last almost forever.    A poor quality installation can wreak havoc on a home, costing way more to repair than the initial cost to install.

Matt white Tile Installation Showers and backsplashes
Matt Tile Installation for backsplash and Showers

How to Choose The Best Tile Installer in Calgary

Knowing how to choose the best tile installer in Calgary for your project will go a long way to ensuring your bathroom, Kitchen, or Flooring renovation will go as planned and become the backspash, floor design, shower, or surround of your dreams.

The first step to choosing is a quality tile installation company is to ensure they are licensed with the city, and have insurance – this is true of any sort of Renovation including tile.  Next is to look at their portfolio of work, they should have extensive experience in all aspects of the Tile Installation Business.  Then meet with them (We would Love you to Contact Us) to discuss your shower or tile renovation.

The installer should have extensive knowledge of whether the floor deflection, Like the one on Jon Bridges Tile website located Here. They should understand both waterproofing systems like schluter or Wedi, and Membrane systems like RedGuard or Schulter.  They should be able to discuss different patterns of tile, and understand that each manufacturer specifies what patters work or do not work. They should understand the types of Mud required, and even how to spread and level the tile with perfection – a mistake here can lead to complete failure of the floor or shower surround.

Look for a contractor who has experience on all-things-tile. Understands Ceramic, Porcelain, Marble, Slate, Faux wood strips, Travertine, and glass.  Their ability should include everything from backspashes, to tile flooring and fireplace.  They should have experience installing heated flooring, and veneer.

Once you trust and have chosen a contractor you should receive an Estimate on your Renovation.  So what does a typical Tile Installation Cost?

RenewVation is an expert Tile Installer and Bathroom Renovator.  Contact us Now.

What Does a Tile Installation Cost in Calgary (as of 2022)

Single most important Calgary Tile installation tip we can provide is that the Cheapest options are never the best, and will negatively affect your renovation and tile Installation and its longevity.  Using the right materials here is critical and what is beneath the tile is more important than the tile design or look.

All Numbers below are VERY approximated and designed just to give you an idea.

A BathTub to Shower Conversion Will Cost:

Backerboard the is waterproof $300

Waterproofing Membrane $600

Waterproof Niche Tiled $600

Curb, Base, and drain $700

Tile for the walls $350

Installation of the Tile and Base $1700


A Typical Tub Surround will cost

Backerboard the is waterproof $300

Waterproofing Membrane $600

Tile for the walls $300

Installation of the Tile $1200


A Typical Floor will cost

IF Membrane is Required $2 a sqft

Tile aprox $4 a sqft

Tile Install $8 a sqft


A Typical Backsplash in Calgary will cost

Usually due to the complexity of backsplashes, and the materials usually used most Tile Installers in Calgary charge a flat rate for backspash Installation under 40 sqft, and this is usually:


$400 for Tile.

also as your back splash is replaced it is a good time to consider changing out your hoodfan or over the range microwave oven.  Renewvation can make that hood fan install a breeze and even ensure it ventilated out doors so that all that grease from cooking in your newly renovated kitchen goes outside.  Ask us about your hood fan replacement or ventilation installation.

How Much Does it Cost To Install Bathroom Tiles?

again as you can see from above there is no set costs, but at least the per square foot cost to install bathroom tile here in Calgary can help you estimate what should expect to pay, but please speak with a professional Tile installation expert.

How about Doors, Trim, Baseboards and Casing?

Often in Calgary when a person renovates a bathroom or kitchen or livingroom with tile, they have to decide to reinstall old dated and damaged trim or install new baseboards and trim, maybe even new up to date doors.  Renewvation is unique in that we can Install new Moulding and Baseboards right after your tile work with on Call.



RenewVation is Calgary’s best choice for Tile Installation and Home Renovations. Please contact us to discuss.


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