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Framing and Drywall in Calgary

May 31, 2022by RENEWvation

FRAMING AND DRYWALL IN CALGARY- For Basements call a professional.


Calgary Basement Develop
Drywall Framing and Full basement development


Framing and drywall are such a critical part of the success of a basement development that it should not be left to those just learning and without the proper equipment like auto mudders.

Why Hire a Pro for your Basement Framing

So your in Calgary and considering developing your basement.  The first step naturally is to clean it out, and then begin framing, but wait.  Have you pulled permits, designed a plan on paper, and considered hiring out this critical aspect to the success of your basement development.  Every aspect of your basement literally hangs upon your framing.  Is it square, Level, on 16’s or 24’s is it load-bearing, is it a R/O measurement or finished size, is it a regular door, or bifold,  wood or metal framing?  There are many questions you must know the answer to before embarking.  Something as simple as not having a wall perfectly plum can make things like door installation and trim work either difficult or worst-case scenario impossible.  Having a corner not square can make things like placing the shower in the bathroom impossible.

There are even more subtle items like the crowns of the wood.  They must all match or your drywall will be wavy and very difficult to finish, and even hang, never mind proper backing and its importance to drywallers.

If you are considering framing out a basement please talk to RenewVation, you can contact us Here.

Drywall Hanging and Mudding here in Calgary

You will be shocked at how a bad drywall job can ruin the entire basement development.  Here a professional mudder, taper, and drywall hanging company can truly make your basement look amazing, and well done.  a job with non-square corners, bad seams, lumps at butt end joints, and the sheer amount of dust that excess drywall mud creates make hiring a pro well worth the money.  Typically a basement can be hung, mudded, and taped in about 1-2 weeks depending on it’s size.

Also access to allow the drywall to the basement will change the types, lengths, and widths of drywall to be delivered to the home, and RenewVation can certainly help you here.

RenewVation Home Renovations is an expert in Framing and Drywall for Basements here in Calgary.  We provide the following services:

  1. 3D floor planning and permit pulling
  2. Wood or Steel Basement Framing
  3. Drywall counts and Delivery
  4. Drywall Hanging
  5. Drywall Taping
  6. Drywall Mudding and Finishing
  7. Ceiling Texture application or removal
  8. Knockdown Ceiling
  9. Painting
  10. Door Hanging
  11. Trim Work
  12. Flooring
  13. Hvac work for the Basement
  14. Basement Plumbing
  15. Basement Electrical

As you can see we know basements and can help you with yours, even if it just framing and or drywall.

Call us at 403-604-1803 or Contact Us Here.



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