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Best Bathroom Contractors in Calgary

May 30, 2022by RENEWvation


So you’ve decided, that your outdated bathroom is no longer serving your family’s needs, or just plum needs to be renovated because it is embarrassing.   The bathroom is a critical room in the house that works harder than any other room in the house including the kitchen.  Here your guests are interacting with your home, and you need to manage your time getting ready.  So you decided that it just isn’t working the next question becomes how do I find the bathroom renovation company or contractor for me.

Bathroom Tile Installation
Best Tile installer and Bathroom Renovator in Calgary

Plan to make your Bathroom Reno a great experience.

Plan to choose the right Calgary Bathroom Contractor for your project.  The right company can create and manage your construction project.  They will begin with a great design for the space, pull necessary permits, suggest great materials and practices for your budget, and be easy to talk to and communicate with to ensure the end product is amazing.

Do not just pick the lowest quote.

This is your home, your time, and a substantial amount of money.  Many unscrupulous contractors are almost forced to use a bait and switch tactic to generate business and close deals.  They offer a very low price, and then once the job begins so do all the extra charges.  A trustworthy Calgary contractor like RenewVation Home Transformations will provide you a estimate for all the work that covers everything.   No surprises.

See we did a good job of informing clients to get multiple bids on their construction work, but we failed to educate people on how to use those bids, and in these days of Walmart, and Amazon, people think they are comparing apples to apples and only price counts.  THIS WORK IS A SKILLED PROFESSION, not a product.  The way to use bids is to ensure a fair deal from a reputable company.

Do your research, and determine the type of contractor you want.  Do you want a company that does everything themselves? Do you want the contractor you sign with to be on sight every day?  Do you need a general contractor?  Will they pull permits, or tell you “you don’t need them” (run from those companies)?  Are they licensed, and insured?  Are they operating legally (run from anyone offering a deal on cash, with no record of the work being done you have no recourse)?  Choose three companies to speak with.

Share your project, your budget, and your expectations with these companies and see at the same time how you feel about these companies. What do they tell you is involved with a  project like yours? How well do they seem to know their business and your type of bathroom renovation? Are they on time? Do they answer your questions well and listen carefully? Do they show up in a , decent-looking vehicle that is appropriate to the work including hauling of Tile for the bathroom? All of these factors as well as others make an impact, beyond price.

Receive the bids.  Now compare them.  Are they detailed or LOTS of Room for interpretation?  Ensure that all the 3 bids are close in price.  If there is one dramatically lower, I guarantee that you should probably throw this one away, and get another bid.  Once you have three in approximately the same amount, now it is time to choose the contractor you wish to work for.

Tile installation and Waterproofing are critical

Tile installers abound on places in Calgary like Kijiji or elsewhere but a bathroom contains so many other aspects of a skill that one really should seek a true bathroom contractor, but that is not to say the tile installation is unimportant, it is very important but also is the waterproofing being used.

The old days’ tiles were installed directly on drywall, using grout and tile as the only waterproofing.  As every tile installer here in Calgary can attest to, it did not work.   Instead, opt for many of the fantastic forms of waterproofing available.

Substrate.  The backbone of the system is the drywall or drywall replacement that is used.  There are cement boards, fiberglass boards, green and blue drywall, and membranes that can all become the important factor in your tile installation system.  You should familiarize yourself with the pluses and minus of each.

Renewvation believes that the best alternative to drywall is a fiberglass board, as it is inherently mold-proof, non-wicking, readily available, and fairly priced.  There are other great foam board systems like Wedi, and Schluter that offer terrific benefits, and are great products, and prices do reflect this, and in the end, we believe that waterproof is waterproof.  Though we also love the membrane system from Schluter, really depends on the installation considerations of the tub surround or walk-in shower to be produced.

RenewVation takes great pride in their custom tile installation in bathroom floors, custom walk-in showers, tub to shower conversion, and bathroom renovations and would love a chance to talk with you about your project.  You can contact us here.

RenewVation is proud to be listed among the most trusted bathroom contractors.

RenewVation is a small company with big heart.  We are proud to be listed among the best, and most trusted renovation contractors in Calgary by Renovation Find.  As they state  “Calgary contractors on our list below have gone through stringent background checks and are RenovationFind Certified. That means they’ve passed legal and financial background checks, have a business license, insurance, and WCB coverage. In addition, contractors with higher ratings have memberships with the Better Business Bureau. We ensure every company keeps up to our high standards with continual third-party monitoring.” and RenewVation Home Renovations is among the 7 listed.

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