Trend #1: Wood Pattern Tile

Wood tiles look clean and trendy in bathrooms and even basements.   If you view two different samples of tiling of a Calgary Area Basement.

Choosing your ideal tile for a bathroom is both more difficult and easier today then ever. There is so much variety at local Calgary stores like Stone and Tile Source .   A Tile must be chosen both for esthetics, but also their intended purpose, will you be walking on them, walking on them wet, or even outside. This is why manufacturers have expanded their selections to provide really unique styles for homeowners.  With advice from our experts, we have identified the top 2022 bathroom tile trends you should be on the lookout for. They focus on the finishes, colors, shapes, and patterns.

Trend #2: Graphic Tile Patterns

Calgary Tile Installation
Octagonal tile installed in a unique design by ReneWvATION


Graphic Tile Patterns and unique special octagonal Tile installation embedded into hardwood is all the rage now.  The examples above show just how unique and special they can make a bathroom, foyer, or kitchen.  A special tile can really change the space completely.

Trend #3: Matte Shower and Backsplash Installations Are Here to Stay

Matt white Tile Installation Showers and backsplashes
Matt Tile Installation for backsplash and Showers
Backsplash Tile installation by RenewVations
Backsplash Tile installation by RenewVations