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RenewVation Renovations. Basement Development, Bathrooms, Kitchens and Load Bearing Wall Removal


Basements are full of potential and are the cheapest way to add living space to your home.  A properly developed basement has the ability to increase the value of your home, your livability and squar foot living space, and change the very way you live in your home.

When it comes to renovating or developing an undeveloped basement there are many things to consider. Even before the basement work begins there is design, selection, estimating, and quoting. However, if you are looking for an owner on location, basement designed first in 3d, then quality built then RenewVation Home Renovations in Calgary can help.

Basement Development Consultation

It starts with a need and a want, and contact to RenewVation. This initial meeting is a simple and thorough meeting regarding your wants and vision of your future basement. Although a brand new addition to your home it should also tie into existing elements throughout the home.  The discussion will consider your how you plan to use the space, your family needs, the space as it exists, and what you dream of. We will meet with you within Calgary, Okotoks, Chestemere, and Airdrie reguarding every aspect of your build from flooring, insulation, design, trim, paint, windows, and extra fun rooms like media rooms, and game rooms.  From here a rough estimate may be provided.

The next step for many is contracting us to design and plan your basement, including being able to see it in 3d long before the build ever occers.  This design first, plan for a basement is critical for success.

3d Basement Development Plan


Construction and renovation proposal

From the consultation, RenewVation Renovations consider your budget,  and the plans previously agreed to and provides you with a fixed price quote for the work to be completed.   You will have a detailed scope of work and a fixed price that will not change unless you agree to change the plan.

Media Rooms Built Ins,


Basement Renovations Begin.

Once both parties agree then the construction can begin.  Basement renovations are among the least intrusive, and least stressful renovations you can experience.  The most difficult part is usually emptying the space prior to building.    RenewVation Renovations ensure that they remain nonstressful, because the owner is on-site almost every day, caring for production and quality, the design is completely planned in advance and you’ve seen it in 3d, and you are working with a fixed price, no-surprise pricing.  Because we are custom all the selections are your choice and in your control.   They take care of everything from helping you select materials, to supplying them, to using air movers and vacuum attached tools to plastic sheeting and mats.


Basement Renovations in Calgary

RenewVations Renovations is a Basement Contractor in Calgary specializing in basement developments, Basement Renovations, Basement Bathroom, Kitchens, Trim and Door installation, Tile and flooring installation and whole-home renovations. Renewvation will work with you in every step of your project,  From Transparent and complete communication to guaranteeing the work is done right.


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We are licensed by the city, Insured for your safety, WCB compliant for your security.  We plan in 3d for your peace of mind and communicate openly and honestly out of respect.   

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