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2019 Home Renovation Costs Per Square Foot - RenewVation Calgary Renovations

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2019 Home Renovation Costs Per Square Foot

January 10, 2018by RENEWvation

Project Cost Project Details
Average room rework Cost $19,720 (includes labor) This value includes the following: twenty linear feet of cupboards, 200 sq.ft of floor tile and installation, 30 sq. ft. of backsplash tile and installation, four piece set of stainless-steel appliances(Energy Star Rated) forty five ft2 of granite tabletop (Colorado gold or Venetian gold), 50/50 under-mount sink, pull down regulator, dishwasher kit, track lightweight fixture, new disposal, and painted room walls.
New room Cabinets $3,965 (includes installation) This value includes: twenty linear feet of Birch Wood cupboards (base & wall), accessible in three colours. Add $145 for every extra linear foot. Maple cupboards ought to be calculated at $185/1 linear foot.
Kitchen Countertops $35-100 /sq.ft2 This is that the value for putting in basic color granite counters with commonplace relieved or bevel edge. $10 /sq.ft2 a lot of for alternative edge varieties, and $10-15 /sq.ft2 a lot of for premium coloursyou must budget a further $200 for putting in associate degree undermount sink.
Kitchen Backsplash Accent Tile (glass / metal / stone / mosaic) $7-15/sq.ft.(includes materials and labor) Accent tile prices vary widebetting on style and material, backsplash tile will value as very little as $3-5/sq.ft. and the maximum amount as $15-25/sq.ft. If you’ve got thirty sq. ft. of backsplash accent tile, your value are going to be around $23-39+ per sq.ft for labor and materials.
Kitchen Faucet $190-500+ (includes installation) Price includes a replacement room regulator, removal of previous unit and installation of recent pull-out / pull down regulator.

Installation / Labor value for exchange a regulator is $140-200 once you rent a repairer. New taps home in value from $70 to $300+ and should in some cases additionally need new water lines ($7-10 each) and in rare cases replacement of water shut-off valve. value for plumbing work to exchange shut-off valve isn’t enclosed here.
Garbage Disposal $235-460 (includes installation) Remove previous disposal, install new filter, attach new disposal, attach electrical and plumbing (drain). Optionally attache dishwasher drain.

If you are doing not have a disposal presentlythere’ll be a further $75-125 charge to regulate / re-route drain pipes.
Appliances $3,000-20,000 Most room renovations embody exchange all major appliances (stove, icebox and dishwasher). the value vary on appliances is very wide, betting on the standardcomplete names, energy potency and level of customization you’re trying to own. If you buy discounted appliances in huge box stores, like Best get and residential Depot, you’ll simply purchase all of your name appliances for underneath $2,500-3,000 total. Energy economical models will value 20-30% quite ancient ones. High finish appliances, particularly those who square measure custom build will simply begin at $4,000-6,000+ for a stove or a icebox.
Small toilet Remodel $7,830 (includes labor) This value includes associate degree allowance of $1,200 for brand spanking new toilet fixtures: up to $146 for a bath, up to $112 for a rest room, up to $227 for an arrogance, up to $100 for an arrogance high, up to $145 for a drugs cupboard, up to $120 for a shower head/bath regulator, up to $80 for a sink regulator, up to $200 for tile, up to $70 for associate degree fan – see materials solely costs. Note, if your toilet is larger than forty / ft2, you must calculate a further $70/sq.ft.
Master toilet Remodel $30,000-50,000 This estimate is for an entire renovation of an outsized master toilet. It includes: replacement of all fixtures (toilet, tub, shower, enclosure, sink), new countertops, lighting, flooring, wall and shower tile, all new windows and doors, carpentry and shelving, lightweight plumbing and electrical work. whereas this can not be a luxury renovation, top quality materials are going to be employed in this value vary.
Replace tub with shower $2,500 – 4,000 Many householders UN agency don’t have abundant use for a bathvalue more highly to take away it fully, and place during a massive shower enclosure. The estimate includes each the removal of the bathtuband also the installation of the shower, yet as all materials. This update will value a lot of if luxury materials square measure used.
Steam Shower Installation $3,500 – 15,000 When it involves such a luxury feature as a steam shower, the value will vary greatly, betting on the kind of system you wish and also the quality of installation. ready-made steam shower kits square measure the foremost budget friendly choicesand might vary from $3,000-5,000 for labor and materials. However, a custom designed steam shower with all the bells and whistles can begin at concerning half-dozen,000 and might simply value the maximum amount as $15,000-20,000, betting on the shower enclosure size and materials used.
Wall Tile Installation $4.94 – 6.56 / ft2 This value is for tile installation on a ready space and doesn’t embody the value of tile itself. Includes: thin-set, grout and installation on walls up to eight foot. high. Add $1-10+ for a sq.ft of tile (depending on vogue, quality, material, brand).
Bathroom Vent Fan installation $250 – $800 – labor + materials Includes removal of the previous vent, improvement the exhaust duct, and putting in new vent. value variations return from completely different quality fans (basic prices $40-70 vs premium models, with noise management, integrated lights, humidness and temperature sensors, cost accounting $200-$300) and completely different level of installation quality. If you don’t have exhaust duct already put in, look to pay $300-500 a lot of to put in ducts/exhaust.
Paint One Room $355 for a one hundred twenty sq. ft. area (includes {the cost|the value|the valueof two paint colors) This price is for a space freed from article of furniture – painter comes in, paints and leaves. No preparation work or repair work is enclosedadditionally excludes painting ceilings.
Interior House Painting $1.75 – $3.40 /sq.ft2 (includes {the value|the value|the price} of two paint colors) This cost is for a floor plan’s sq. ft. Use our Interior Painting Calculator to urge a a lot of correct value estimate. Total value depends on sq. footage. but three hundred sq.ft. are going to be $3+ per sq.ft. Over 1500 sq.ft. are going to be but $2/sq.ft.
Crown Molding $5-8/ln.ft. (includes materials and labor) This estimate is for an everyday form area and basic crown molding materials, like MDF, PVC, and Polyurathane. Natural wood, plaster and alternative specialty materials will value up to five hundredth a lot of. Also, custom and complicated crown molding stylesyet as oddly formed rooms, with a great deal of corners, can value a minimum of 2-3 times a lot of.
Install Drywall / Sheetrock $52 per sheet (includes materials and labor) This value includes installation of drywall, taping, patching, sanding and texturing per sheet, up to eight feet
Drywall Plaster $900-1200 per room This value includes labor and materials for coating a typical a hundred and fifty sq. ft. area (walls only) with eight foot ceilings. coating the ceiling can add another $400-500 per area.
This costs assumes that house owner can take away everything (furniture, etc) from the area, and contractor can cowl the floors to guard them from damages.

Replace Interior Door $295 This value is for a wood half-dozen panel white door and installation. Includes hinges, cutting and fitting the door to the proper height. Add $45 for a replacement door knob with installation.
Hardwood Flooring $7.32 / ft2 This value includes oak wood flooring finished and stained, and installation.
Wood Flooring Refinish $2.75-4.10 /sq.ft2 This value includes sanding, staining and ployurethan end.
Carpet Installation $3.44 /sq.ft2 ($31 / sq. yard This value includes 1/2 in. artifactthirty eight oz carpet and installation. Removing previous floor covering can value another $0.6 – $0.8 per sq.ft. Note, if your area size is greater that twelve feet in each directions, you’re watching accrued waste on materials aspectas a result of carpets are available twelve foot. wide rolls. therefore if your area is therefore wide, then you’ll have eleven feet of waste.
Basement Finish $35 /sq.ft2 This value includes framing, electrical work, recessed lighting, drywall, taping, sanding texture, paint and carpet.


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