Some Answers to Common Questions.

What do you charge for an estimate?

Our estimates are free of charge.  They do take considerable time to create, and they typically are the exact price you will pay for your renovation.  We ask that in return, you provide us feedback as to your final decision and how we stacked up

We also DO NOT DO PRESSURE.  There is no pressure, we are there to ensure the Remodeling project is a good fit for us, and and we are a good fit for you.  We offer sound advice, and a consultative approach, never a sales approach - who wants to be sold??!!!

Do You Warranty Your Work?

Yes. All RenewVations have a 1-year warranty on their workmanship and an optional 2 yr warranty.

When can you start my home renovation?

This depends on the type of renovation and the manpower that will be required. When you meet with your Renovation Consultant they will be able to give you an approximate start date.

Do you charge for Design and Renderings?

Only if done, not as a part of the renovation.  If you require a floor plan, or elevations as a part of the permit process that you are doing yourself then we do charge. If you are a renovation client, it is our courtesy to you.

What is your warranty?

We have a 2-year workmanship warranty.  This doesn't cover things like your faucet's finish coming off, that is covered by your manufacturer's warranty, but it does cover if the drain in the sink starts leaking, as that is workmanship.

What type of renovations do you do?

We complete many different kinds of remodeling jobs here in Calgary.  We do complete and partial Basement Developments, Kitchen Renovations, and Bathroom Renovations as well as whole home renewals, and tile and flooring jobs.

Who is working in my home?

We operate as modified General Contractor.  This means that while we do work in your home, we also bring in, talented specialized tradesman.

Your Electrical, Plumbing, and Gas work is completed by Certified Red Seal Journeyman or Masters.

The Means that your renovation project is done extremely well, and on schedule.

What is your Process?

This does depend on the job, but most are done this way:
Step 1. is the estimate. We come out to your home for free and find out exactly what you are hoping to do. We then will get you back a estimate, within a week.
Step 2. If you like the estimate, and wish to proceed, we will meet again, walk through the scope of work again for your renovation, and sign a construction agreement.
Step 3. We meet again, do a Final Detailed Measure. Another scope walk through, and then begin planning. We will ask for a key, that will be locked outside in a lock box. Planning depends on the project but includes, floor plans, renderings, schedule etc.
Step 4. Preperation. We will set up protection in your home as required, using cardboard on the floors, carpet runners, carpet covers, dust barriers etc. We will apply and receive any required permits, including gas, plumbing, framing, building, electrical.
Step 5. Demo. We carefully remove the items not required any longer, and dispose of them.
Step 6. Building. Trades will be scheduled on different days. This does not mean every day is filled with workers, and a drywaller can't work untill all the roughins are done, - but it means that your schedule will be maintained.
Step 7. Final walk through. Upon substantial completion, we will post a notice that the job is substantially complete. Then we will do a deficiency walk through together with you where you highlight any deficiencies that are required to be fixed, this list is called a punch list. We then check off each item on the punch list, once complete, the renovation is considered complete, and final payment is made.

Do you work for Cash?

No. We do things legally, and suggest you avoid those who do. Stay away from “cash deals” and anyone who offers one. A "cash” deal is one where a contractor offers a low price in exchange for cash payment and no written contract or receipts. You may assume that it is the contractor taking all the risks in an under-the-table deal, as they are the ones not declaring the income or paying their taxes. In reality, a cash deal means a lot more risk for you, less control over how your project turns out, and no guarantees of any sort — and that’s no deal at all. If a contractor asks for, or agrees to, a lower price if they are paid in cash they have admitted they are lying to government and committing fraud. Is this the type of person you want working in your home? How can you ever know if they are lying to you as well? Want to know more about what can go wrong with a “cash” deal? Here’s a short list: Incomplete or Poor-Quality Work What happens if you make an advance payment and the work is done incorrectly or not at all? Or if the person you hired never completes the work? Without a written contract or receipt for the cash payment you made, you are out of luck. Without a contract, it’s your word against theirs. In the vast majority of such cases, the homeowners lose their money and have to live with the frustration of paying another contractor to complete the work properly. Your only option may be to take the contractor to court. In this case, not having a written contract is a real problem. The judge will have to decide who is telling the truth, and the final result may not be to your liking.
Occasionally, the homeowner can even face fines and legal actions initiated by government agencies.