Kitchen Renovations

If your Calgary Kitchen needs Renovating then contact RenewVation and we will first design in 3d, then build it for a reasonable cost.

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Basement Developments

We can walk you through every aspect of developing your basement renovation.  We will first design your basement in 3d, so you can ensure every aspect of your reno is PERFECT.

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Bathroom Renos

From design to lasting waterproofing, and expert Tile Installation we can handle any bathroom renovation from design to installing the last towel rack.

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Our Mission.

Trust -RenewVation, earns and engenders trust. Our reputation of trust is created by the quality of our work, openness of our system, and the honesty of all our people.

Service - RenewVation Calgary serves customers with the highest-quality value-increasing renovations, paying for itself through added equity into the home. We serve with a compelling and complete management system of communication and projects.

Longevity - We ensure our longevity through quality relationships across all aspects of the business. Our consistent aim is repeat business and referrals earned from creating a positive renovation experience, and quality aftercare service at a fair price.

Communication - With a compelling and complete management system of communication and projects we prompt stress-reduction with the customer, trades, and within the company.

Empowerment – We ensure a safe working environment, where everyone has room to grow and perform their highest level of work and lasting quality of which to be proud. This empowerment allows our staff to grow with the business, and in turn allows the business to grow.

Productivity - We free our people to be more productive and invested by incorporating systems to ensure ease of production. By having the greatest communication, and the lowest error rates of any of our competitors; we have fun and are productive and profitable.

Design - RenewVation Renovations Calgary puts design first.  We will first build your reno in the virtual world, then in your home in a clean, friendly, respectful manner.



Next Steps...

If you are in Calgary, and Looking for a Home Renovation of your Bathroom, Kitchen, Tile Install,  Floor Installation,  or a Basement Development, then contact us to provide you a free no stress detailed quote.